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Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) for Human Subjects Research

Here you will find educational resources regarding human subjects research. Visit the IRB website for additional information and resources.

The purpose is:

  • To ensure the research subjects' rights and well-being
  • To identify strengths and areas of improvement in research practices
  • To ascertain compliance with institutional, state and federal guidelines and regulations
  • To encourage "good" science by identifying support and educational needs


(requires flashplayer and sound turned up)

Introduction to Informed Consent

The Need for Informed Consent

The Levels of Informed Consent

IRB Date Stamped Consent Form- What is it and Why is it Needed?

How to Maximize Your Subject's Protection with a Study Code

Online Survey Security: Http vs Https (SSL)

VT Standard for Storing and Transmitting Personal Identifying Information

IRB-PAM General and Audit F.A.Q.

Human Research Concern/Complaint


The testing of a sound proof room


Sample Study Code (xls)
and Sample De-identified Data (xls)


Full Board Protocol Random Audit Assessment Tool (pdf)

Expedited Protocol Random Audit Assessment Tool (pdf)

Long Distance Protocol Random Audit Assessment Tool (pdf)

PAM Policy (pdf)

What is PAM? (ppt)

Human Research: The Life Cycle with Common Survey Pitfalls (ppt)

To Err is Human: Common Human Research Mistakes (ppt)

To Err is Human: Top 10 Common Research Mistakes (ppt)